About PlugYo

It is the vision of PlugYo that everyone should be able to use their social media to create a website in a simple way. Why would you use difficult contact management systems or search endlessly for photos and texts if you already have everything together on one place on your social media.

With a few simple clicks, PlugYo makes a complete website filled with your photos and texts taken from you social media. You determine what you want to show and when. If you put it on your social media, it will automatically end up on your website. Is it that easy? Yes it is.

Your fingerprint

Your own website deserves a personal touch. This is possible with PlugYo. It is your DNA, your fingerprint that you want to show. With PlugYo you can. That is what we are proud of.

Their vision

The founders of PlugYo are Fosse Vermeulen and Svenno Hylkema. They work from their offices in the Netherlands. In March 2022 PlugYo went live with a vision. The aim that everyone can start a website in a matter of seconds with dynamic new and fresh content taken from their social media. We listen to you to continually improve our proposition.

More traffic

They are convinced that the combination of social media integrated into websites provide more traffic, more followers, more visitors and engagement for both your social media and your website.


Join our community or visit our PlugYo website made by PlugYo to contact us.

Just plug it!