Every day we learn by listening to you. We design, we develop and we improve. You use our products and services. You decide what is good or what we can improve. We listen to you and use your ideas to continually improve our proposition.

What are your thoughts

We love to hear what you think about PlugYo what you like, and what you believe we could improve. We consider it our duty to solve your issues and continue to build products and services that everybody loves.

A long-term relationship

We intent to build a long term relationship with the user community. Competitors can copy our idea, business model and tech but not our community we build. We are a kind of family of like-minded people with similar goals. This goes both ways. Community members are the first to hear about new developments, products and features. They are the early adopters. Vica versa community members give real-time feedback, come up with ideas and helps each other. That is what friends are for. That is what a community is all about.

We are proud

Together we are the PlugYo community. We believe we can create a website for you to be proud of. A website you share with your family, friends, relations, customers, prospects and anyone you can think of. A website that meets the needs of today. Be part of our community. Go directly to Facebook. Come up with questions, share your thoughts and leave your comments.